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Inside Colours Duo

Julie Sassoon - piano

Lothar Ohlmeier - soprano saxophone

Photographer - Andreas Daschner
It was a wonderful concert at the Berlin Philharmonie Kammermusiksaal! 
'Inside Colours' together with Mia Ohlmeier - our daughter - on drums
at the Berliner Philharmonie - Kammermusiksaal

'Inside Colours' Trio + Marc Ribot Trio double bill

Berlin Philharmonie Kammermusiksaal on 28th April


Julie Sassoon - piano 

Lothar Ohlmeier - tenor sax/bass clarinet

Mia Ohlmeier - drums


14. July - 'Inside Colours' Duo feature broadcast on ARD RadioFestival Jazz 2022 11.30pm



Friday - 15. April 2022  11pm - midnight (European Time)

Listen to the full ‘Inside Colours’ Duo concert @ Jazzfest40 featured on

Bayerischer Rundfunk-Klassik Radio ‘Jazztime’ - presented by Roland Spiegel. 

listen back for 7 days after…



13. Dec - 'Inside Colours' Duo @ Potsdam Museum - 20.00


 the 'Inside Colours' Concert at Zoglau3 will be broadcast again on
6th September - 11:35pm 
ARD Radiofestival 2018 - Jazz


 In April - 'Inside Colours' Duo were invited by the Bayerischer Rundfunk to play a concert at very special venue - Zoglau3. This concert was broadcast on JAZZTIME - BR-KLASSIK RADIO


You can listen back to the radio programme on soundcloud here










Jazzmoves UK

1. Clouds ​

2. Eastpeace ​

3. Kineret 

4. Restless 

5. Here No More*

6. Firehorse 

7. Somnia in B flat 

8. Icebreaker 

9. Baghdad Cafe

10. Coming Home

Julie Sassoon - piano 

Lothar Ohlmeier - soprano saxophone

All compositions by Julie Sassoon

* (for Gerard)

for booking 'Inside Colours' - please contact:



Booking Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Reinhold Horn
Christoph-Weiß-Str. 9
90419 Nürnberg
Tel.: +49160/2606402



Full review of 'Inside Colours' CD


“…The atmospheric work of Duke Ellington, a composer who painted in his early years, is often described in terms of the visual arts.

And this disc by the British composer and pianist Julie Sassoon, partnered by the German saxophonist Lothar Ohlmeier, occasions similar reflections. 

Sassoon is an artist as much absorbed by painting as music, and the music on ‘Inside Colours’ compellingly confirms this.


The dominant characteristics of their playing are a broad-based lyricism, inspirations drawn from many musical persuasions beyond jazz alone, and a prevailing mood of spaciousness and tranquility fitfully streaked and lit by flashes of urgent intensity. But though, in common with many young players of sophisticated technique today, they cannot easily be filed away as ‘jazz’ or ‘classical’ artists alone, they still embody the loose and combative spirit of jazz in the distinctive contemporaneity of the themes and the intimacy of their musical dialogue.


Admirers of the saxophone playing of Jan Garbarek or the avantist Evan Parker, or devotees of the the piano improvisations of Keith Jarrett, would find themselves close to home here - though the music of Sassoon and Ohlmeier has an airy lightness, dynamic width and special lyricism entirely of its own”


Sassoon’s painterly sensibilities are detected in the slow parabolas of glowing sound she unfurls as if she were describing brushstrokes in sound. And together, the intertwining lines of the piano and soprano saxophone pulsate with a kind of urgent contemplativeness.


Ohlmeier’s split-note opening to ‘Baghdad Cafe’, the closest thing to the kind of dissonance that Ornette Coleman’s ‘Free Jazz’ celebrated, and a softer echo of the audacious saxophone techniques of the British pioneer Evan Parker.


Ohlmeier, a saxophonist of real class, puts what is really a formidable technique at the service of the same thoughtfulness about dynamics that shapes ‘Inside Colours’ throughout. I first heard Julie Sassoon and Lothar Ohlmeier perform on a gig at London’s Jazz Cafe. The audience was clearly fascinated by this elegant, contemplative and subtle duet… You’ll be hearing a lot more about them."

John Fordham - The Guardian

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