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​​​"... Sassoon’s capacity to sustain interest without resorting to licks, tricks or slickness of any kind is remarkable. Its more as if an essence has been distilled to the point where sound becomes a sensory trigger for all kinds of memories, thoughts and feelings. Beautifully produced, played and executed and most of all, music of rare beauty."  ​

Duncan Heining  **** Jazzwise Magazine

“A solo performance by any of these exceptional musicians would have an audience spellbound; ​
together, they seemed capable of miracles..."

(James Griffiths   ***** The Guardian - on Azilut!)

"Julie Sassoon, a pianist of astonishing resources, applies a concentrated beam of intelligence to everything she does ...

​ an earnest, brilliantly gifted player..."

(Mike Butler **** Jazz UK)






Julie's music "possesses spiritual depth and a special lyricism entirely of its own."

(John Fordham   The Guardian)

“a superb, hard-edged, vigorous improviser as well as a mesmeric solo performer.”

(Chris Parker - Vortex Gig Review)





"...What is unquestionable is the emotional commitment of Sassoon’s performance, in which raw instinct and trained musicality combine to create something new, and it feels like the most natural thing in the world..." 

(City Life Magazine)


"British Jazz at its creative best..."

(****​​​​*The Guardian​)


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